Sexual Energy

I often like what Gil writes and this time, what he says about sexual energy really resonated with me. I’m not sure if he’s studied Tantra or not but he’s definitely got the Tantric perspective!

“What is sexual energy? One idea: It is simply the energy and movement of life, expressing through us at a certain frequency. It can be felt anywhere in the body, the same way you can feel rage or joy throughout your whole body. It is not about the “sexual organs” necessarily, because we can feel completely “unsexy” there at times as well, and you can be completely naked without expressing, feeling, or entering into the movement of sexual “charge.” Further, permitting that frequency to express within yourself can simply indicate a willingness to feel your life energy in its dynamic range at any given moment, without it simultaneously constituting an invitation to anyone else for whom it simultaneously triggers those feelings. The meanings that we ascribe to sexual charge in ourselves and others are exactly that: assignments of meaning, as opposed to truths in stone. If we allow ourselves to lighten up a bit around the meanings, and be a little less sure of them, we may expand our dynamic range of sensation within ourselves, and enjoy more of life’s movement as a result.”

by Gil Hedley

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