Tantric Practice

SkyDancing Tantra invites you to express all of yourself fully. As we grow up, many of us end up developing inhibitions and limitations as a result of our culture. What Margot Anand calls "the anti ecstatic conspiracy". These limitations exist to keep us small and contracted. By practicing Tantra you can reverse the damage caused by these cultural norms, shake off your limitations, and end up knowing yourself in a deeper and more loving manner. It is by releasing these inhibitions that Tantra helps us regain that playful capacity for wonder and joy with which each of us was born.

Ask yourself:

Sky Dancing Meditation

Do you feel like you are living only a fraction of your potential?
Do you ever wonder if there’s more to life?
Do you get the feeling that there’s something bigger, more powerful, more profound to be experienced in life--but you just don’t know how to get there?

Tantra can help you find the answers to these questions, with the ultimate goal of helping you lead what we call an “orgasmic life”. Practitioners of Tantra believe that joy and ecstasy are your birthrights.

As for the services we offer, Thomas is willing to be your personal guide on your journey to discovering your version of sacred sexuality. He is a master at holding space as you learn to deepen your practice. His gentle and loving manner invites you to relax into your own unfolding, like a flower that opens with the support of the sun. While he has been trained in many skills, his greatest tool is listening. What are your needs in each moment? Together you find that beautiful meditative dance between your desires and his support. He does nothing without your full consent and readiness.

Tantra is a practice. Like yoga or learning to play a musical instrument, it takes instruction and time to develop its immense benefits. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Tantrika, Thomas can teach you many skills and work with you to develop your perfect home practice. Much like Tantra itself, Thomas offers many pathways for you to discover your bliss.


$120/hour for Practice Sessions
Sessions are 2-3 hours.

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