Tantric Massage Lessons

Delight in the sensuous touch of your beloved like you have never experienced before. Be guided in a loving exchange that stimulates all your senses and enlivens your relationship. Relax in the comfort of each other's gaze, mindful presence, and the pleasure of nurturing a deeper connection.

Learning the art of Tantric Massage enriches your relationship in a way that you can enjoy again and again at home. It is a foundational practice that opens the door to more love, pleasure, passion, attraction, and personal development.

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  • Learn how to give each other a profound, sensual, pleasurable and loving massage
  • Understand how to be fully present while giving the massage
  • Ignite the spark of sensuality and joy in your relationship
  • Expand your concepts of giving and receiving
  • Open new pathways of trust with your beloved
  • Discover more pleasure and passion in your relationship
  • Fine-tune your skills in the art of sensual touch

Tantric massage is a unique and sophisticated ritual originating in tantric philosophy and principles, which is becoming increasingly popular with couples all over the world. It is an introduction into sensuality, tenderness, and exciting discoveries of ecstatic feelings. It is a way of getting out of everyday common limits and to fully arrive in the present moment on the path to spiritual awakening. Tantric massage not only deepens sexual experiences but also helps build consciousness and increases sensitivity in your body.

What makes the massage “Tantric”? In a Tantric Massage, you’re both actively engaged in moving into the pleasure and building a powerful energetic connection. Loving presence is enhanced through eye contact, communication, sensory awakening, and touching the whole body in a variety of ways.

Your whole body and spirit comes alive!



$120/hour for Tantric Massage Lessons.
Sessions are 2-3 hours.

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Gift Certificates: $100/hour

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