Are you getting as much pleasure in your life as you desire?
Would you like support in establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries?
Does your body store trauma that you’d like to heal?
Would you like coaching around intimacy and sexuality?

We all know how to be touched in ways that don’t inspire us.  We know how to go along with things that don’t feel good.  Embodiment coaching is about helping you learn how to be true to what you want instead of what someone else wants.  I’m not here to fix you or be your intimate partner.  I’m here to help you learn how to speak up for what you want so that your life is better when you go home.  The technique of touch is not the key to your learning.  Rather, the real key is learning how to notice what you want and being able to ask for it.

A session with me can look many different ways. It is important that we establish and maintain a clear and embodied language of consent during your sessions. After this is established through somatic assessment and awareness exercises, you may move into:

Breath, movement and sound coaching
Boundary awareness & restoration
Trauma release
Mindful self-pleasure coaching
Anatomy of arousal
Sensual massage
Tantric practices
Orgasm coaching
Genital mapping and de-armoring
Scar tissue remediation

People have told me that I am “Kinesthetically Brilliant.” Touch is my language of relating and I can read subtle ways in which the body communicates.  Also, I feel deep acceptance and have no phobias or judgement.  I am open to all kinds of different people.  I appreciate seeing the changes that occur and to really help people move to a new level.  Many of my clients have worked with talk therapy for years and have made limited progress. Through our work together, they make significant progress in a short time.

Experience transformation with me in a one on one session.  I approach my time with you as both an art and a science, and my clients are partners in their own healing.

Online Sessions are now discounted!
Work with Thomas from the comfort of your own home.