Tantric Massage Sessions

A Tantric Massage with Thomas is about opening up to pleasure and experiencing the ecstasy that already exists in your body. It’s a journey inwards. Which means that this kind of massage is guided by your internal body wisdom.

What makes massage “Tantric”? In a traditional massage, you are encouraged to totally relax and just receive, to lie there passively. In a Tantric massage, you’re encouraged to be active by moving, breathing, making sounds and asking for what you want. Your session is enhanced by including elements such as eye contact, communication, sensory awakening and touching the whole body in a variety of ways.

We begin with establishing a sense of comfort, safety, and empowerment so you can listen to your body and ask for what you really want. You decide which areas of your body, for how long and at what intensity you want to receive. It’s your session and you decide what will bring you more pleasure.



Sessions are 2-3 hours and cost is $150/hr.

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Gift Certificates: $120/hour

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