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Feel more vitality and joy?
Experience boundless love and intimacy?

"Tantra has made a profound difference in our lives.
We're excited about sharing it with you.
When we began studying SkyDancing Tantra, we couldn't have imagined the richness of community, friendships, professional opportunities, and life experiences that would follow. Tantra helps break down the barriers that limit our lives and opens doors to a sense of sacred expansiveness."

Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers ~ Sara and Thomas Stout

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Discover how SkyDancing Tantra can transform your life.

Love Passionately School of Mindful and Bodyful Intimacy offers workshops, retreats, and coaching to support the most precious area of your life, your relationships. Whether you’re in a relationship or on your own, have a new lover, or in a well-established relationship, Tantra invites you to enhance your interpersonal skills, starting with yourself.

The quality of your relationship with yourself determines the richness of your life.

When you bring conscious loving attention into your interactions, the depth of connection is limitless.

From these teachings you:

  • Discover the joy and wisdom of your body.

  • Expand your capacity for pleasure and ecstasy.

  • Open our hearts to experience authentic and deep communication.

  • Awaken your vital energy that makes way to spiritual transformation.

When you free yourself from an idea of who you are supposed to be and discover who you truly are, you return to your unencumbered vibrant self.

Couples, singles, and all relationships are welcome to discover what is possible when you allow your fully dynamic self to come alive.

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