Margot Anand in Minneapolis

Margot Anand awoke many lovers in Minnesota over St Patrick’s Weekend, 2017 with her SkyDancing Tantra teaching. It was fabulous to see the passion in Minnesota come alive.Over 70 people were regaled with tales of her adventures, gifted with decades of … Read More

Embodied Boundaries

Got this from a colleague of mine and it’s so apropos of what I work with in my sessions with people that I thought it would be good to repost here. Many boundary classes that we take in this new … Read More

A Tantric Tip for Connection 

Why do people looking for connection, come to SkyDancing® Tantra? There are many ways in which Tantra builds connection, whether you are a couple or single. Most frequently acknowledged is the simple act of mindful face to face interaction. Even … Read More

Enhanced Radio Interview

On March 28, 2019 Thomas was interviewed by Enhanced Radio on Love Passionately and SkyDancing Tantra.

A Place of Being

Everyone needs a place like this. A place where pressure to be busy and accomplish disappears. A place where the mind quiets. A place where words are not needed. A place where everyone is welcomed with unity and respect. For … Read More

SkyDancing to Freedom

Who am I? – When I am not who you think I am? What happens when we let go of externally imposed constraints to discover our true selves? SkyDancing Tantra is about de-conditioning, letting go of self-limiting perceptions of who … Read More