The Body as Divine and David

How does nudity and appreciation for our bodies fit into spirituality? Our recent trip to Europe reminded us of the historical impact.

Most of us learned about the origin of man and sensuality from Adam and Eve, how they covered themselves with fig leaves from shame and were cast out of the Garden of Eden. That is not a body-positive initiation. 

The Greeks and Romans revered the human form and depicted sexuality and sensuality in their artwork. 

As Christianity reigned strong through the 1400s, religious influence dominated, hiding the human body. The artwork showed Virgin Mary, Jesus, and biblical themes veiled in cloaks and surrounded by gold. 

Then, the Renaissance welcomed the human form as a representation of spirit from above or in nature. Most artists still depicted the separateness of spirituality from the body. It wasn’t until Michelangelo focused on the naked body as real beauty, as divine. 

I had the great pleasure of experiencing Michelangelo’s spectacular sculptures in Florence. I see how his artistry captures the magnificence of how we are meant to feel about all bodies. 

While we may not have the physique of Michelangelo’s David, we all have sensuous curves, sleekness, soft and supple skin, and unique beauty and presence. Through love, divinity is alive within our individual form, life, vitality, and existence. As everything is spirit, we are ultimately perfect.

” The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.”
~ Michelangelo Buonarotti

At the David exhibit, if it were not for the barriers, there would be no holding people back from the urge to caress and enjoy the sensuousness of David. Sculpted in his casual and confident gesture, we can relate to his achievement of taking down Goliath. Don’t we all wish to overcome enormous oppressive difficulties?

Beauty radiates through alignment with intention. 

I wonder if part of David’s magnificence was that Michelangelo was no longer under the rule of the powerful Medici and was free to sculpt what he desired. 

When we taste freedom, our creative force is limitless. 

What is the Goliath in your life that you need to slay? 

What would support you in feeling empowered and free?

How are you embracing your body?

I may not have all the historical facts correct, but I allow my creative expression as I feel inspired. 

Freedom waits not for perfection; it allows inspiration as the ever-evolving act of creation. 

May you celebrate the beautiful creation of you and your divine body. 


The best part of the trip was that my son, Jared, got to join me in Florence and Venice, Italy, while Thomas was in a workshop in Berlin. Sharing what I love, art and travel, with him was very special. Our favorite times were sunsets on the tops of the bell towers and gelato. 

By Sara

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