SkyDancing to Freedom

Who am I? – When I am not who you think I am?

What happens when we let go of externally imposed constraints to discover our true selves? SkyDancing Tantra is about de-conditioning, letting go of self-limiting perceptions of who we are, and getting back to our raw, wholeness.

We allowed ourselves this exploration of freedom for 3 weeks when we were immersed in advanced studies of SkyDancing Tantra in France.
The two of us often care too much about what others think. As a result, we often merge ourselves and don’t feel fully defined as separate. Even in our relationship of over 27 years together, we are not always clear where one ends and the other begins. We joke, “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.” Especially, with chocolate desserts.

During recent Love and Ecstasy Trainings in France, we gave ourselves permission to let go of our roles, our ideas of what it means to be a parent, sibling, adult child, spouse, a professional, to explore who is Sara and who is Thomas. By letting go of obligations and cultural conditioning, we could see our imagined constructs and what self-imposed rules we’ve internalized. From a place of free will and empowerment, our values became clearer, what lies behind our true desires, what parts do we embrace and wish to maintain and what is old and no longer serves us.
SkyDancing Tantra promotes full expression of your natural self, with integrity. Freedom and removing constraints is not about breaking rules and vows, unfettered play without consciousness. It is about truth and honoring your whole self very consciously. You choose with awareness what is truly fitting for your highest good and what can be shed and discarded.

Sara’s Story:
In one exercise, when we slowed down our decision making to discern, from what criteria were we making decisions, Thomas sat across from me with the possibility of me mindfully moving closer and touching him. Immediately, my yoni, my sex, was so excited she started screaming “jump on Thomas.” Her enthusiasm and passion for him was clear and almost hard to restrain. I had to tell my yoni to quiet down so I could listen to the rest of me. Then, the sensations from my heart were immense. I burst into tears with such a full heart of love for him. I was closer to him by now, but physical touch was superfluous, we were already in deep connection. By giving myself the time to really listen to different aspects of myself, I appreciated many different kinds of love for Thomas. And no part of this love was diluted with obligations and expectations, it was pure in-the-moment soul connection.

See more surprises we discovered:

Tantra is a path of personal growth. For those of us who are seekers, whether we’re seekers for depth of relating, depth of knowing, knowing beyond mind, or knowing with our whole being. We feel blessed that we ventured into this never-ending path of celebration of discovering who we are meant to be.

Love to hear your thoughts,
Sara & Thomas Stout

SkyDancing Tantra seminars provide the space to explore, to play, and discover your true nature. From your embodied awareness you integrate these loving qualities into your life.

SkyDancing Tantra In Minneapolis
Saturday Evenings 7:00-9:00pm

Mar 30: Sensual Awakening*
April 20: Spiritual Sexual Renewal*
May 4: Tantra Community Night
May 18: Sexual Fitness and Pleasure*
May 25: Yum Night

Presented by Sara and Thomas Stout of Love Passionately
*Co-presented with Diane Long of Kaleidoscope Healing Arts

Minnesota Weekend Retreats

Ecstatic Touch™ (Level 1):
The Art of Pleasure
Shire in the Woods, McGrath, MN
April 26-28, 2019

Save the Date for SkyDancing Tantra Immersion
4 day Retreat
Shalom Hill Farm, Windom MN
July 4-7, 2019

East Coast Weekend Retreats

Timeless Loving® (Level 1):
An Introduction to SkyDancing Tantra
Rowe Center, Rowe, MA
Apr 12-14, 2019

Ecstatic Touch™ (Level 1):
The Art of Pleasure
Guest House Retreat Center, Chester, CT
Aug 9-11, 2019

If you’d prefer to learn Tantra alone or with just your partner,
schedule some Tantric Coaching Sessions  or
Tantra Massage for Couples

You’ll be able to go at exactly the pace and level of intensity you desire!

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