Embodiment Coaching

Living and loving passionately is your birthright!

Are there ways in which you hold back in relationships, intimacy or sexuality? Would you like to learn more about what is possible for you? Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment Coaching with Thomas begins with learning what you want and being able to ask for it. Together, we work on skills that help you expand your options so you can experience ever more pleasure and intimacy in your life.

Imagine the healing that can occur when you allow yourself to be open and vulnerable and then receive acceptance and loving affection. One of the most wonderful feelings is a sense of connection with another human being. It’s a basic human need to really be seen and still be accepted for who you are.

Open yourself up to a new level of intimacy. Release what blocks you from allowing a deeper connection in your life. When you open up in relationship, you feel more pleasure and reward in all areas of your life.

Painful emotions and trauma can be stored in your body. Through breath, movement, and healing touch, transformation can occur without having to process every detail. Learn to let go of old beliefs, patterns and shame messages to make room for more self love. Challenge those negative thoughts by creating a new reality.

Receive private nurturing and healing sessions created with your needs in mind. Thomas provides a safe and comfortable setting so you can relax and enjoy the journey of self discovery, and then together we celebrate the uniqueness that is you. Practice centuries-old knowledge in an easy and playful manner. No matter what your background, knowledge, sexual orientation or preference, Thomas supports you becoming a fully passionate and sexual being.

Wherever you are along your path, however messy your life seems to you right now, is the right place to start.

Thomas has often been described as a big-hearted man. He provides a safe and respectful presence from which to receive deep and expansive work. Coming from a  dance background he is graceful and provides a unique balance of male and female energy to support any gender.  Thomas combines 35 years as a massage therapist with 24 years as a husband, father and has done his own healing to provide a deep sense of empathy and acceptance.

Online Sessions are now discounted!
Work with Thomas from the comfort of your own home.

Rates start at $150/hour for verbal coaching, $180/hr for sessions that include touch.
Sessions are 2-3 hours.
If you are new to my practice, please schedule an Initial Consultation
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