PODCAST: How Tantra Can Ignite Your Life and Relationships

We were interviewed by Shana James on the Man Alive podcast, where we discussed Tantra, and the incredible ways it can bring more aliveness, pleasure and intimacy to your life and love life.

The Man Alive podcast is a series of bold, raw and gritty conversations with experts on success, power, sex, love, and legacy. She works with men to find their unique power, confidence and clarity, so they stop settling in life and love.

Shana attended one of our Love Passionately weekend retreats and was excited to let more people know what we do.

In our featured episode we delve into:

  • What a Tantric dynamic is and what Tantra adds to relationships and one’s life
  • Conflict resolution and love making
  • How to create sacred space and use it for everything from decision making, confHow to make a NO as sexy as a YES
  • The anti-ecstatic conspiracy
  • Catching the stories and ideas we hold against each other in relationships
  • How to learn to receive more
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