SkyDancing Tantra Online Immersion

November 4-19, 2023!


Over 30 SkyDancing Tantra Teachers and 60 sessions


Experience Tantra, live from the comfort of your own living room

You have the power to accelerate your spiritual growth through the practice of Tantra.

Everyone benefits from these rich proposals, whether new, returning, or advanced.

Tantra is the best shortcut to actualizing your sovereignty; your freedom to be, think, and do what is right for you.



  • Start your day with an energizing morning meditation
  • Enjoy an interactive evening with experiential Tantric exploration
  • All Day Saturdays dive deep into foundational SkyDancing Tantric methods
  • Sundays you meet with your small group “family” and personalize your practice.

16 Days of Immersion

WEEK 1 – November 4 ~ 10


Experience the core teachings and philosophy of SkyDancing Tantra from the teachers of Margot Anand.

Discover the 3 Tantric keys that bring more pleasure & joy into your daily life

Develop masterful listening skills and the ability to hold space for others with loving compassion while honoring your boundaries

On week days: strenghten your tantric skills – Morning awakening practices – Evening group gatherings – Social events, chat and relax – Personal support and coaching

©Thankas by Romio Shrestra



WEEK 2 – November 11 ~ 17


Expand your experience of self-love as we explore what it means to love & honor every aspect of yourself.

Transform old, limiting conditioning. When you are witnessed in your vulnerability, you’ll naturally begin to acknowledge and access your true confidence from within.

Experience the power of the Quantum Light Breath, with master Richard Bock. This is an active meditation known for its ability to facilitate emotional release, deep healing, and transcendence.

Create more space within to feel a greater sense of pleasure, vibrancy, and freedom.



WEEKEND 3 – November 18, 19


Deepen your practice, reflect on your journey, and celebrate your discoveries!

Experience the depth and beauty of Tantric ritual.

Process and integrate the wisdom and transformation cultivated over the past three weeks

Receive hands-on guidance on how to move forward and integrate what you’ve learned into your life ahead

Sunday Nov 19: Closing day. Integration and individual support



Join us

November 4-19, 2023!

Come experience this spectacular online immersion to engage inward
and in the international SkyDancing Tantra community

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