The Love and Ecstasy Training® (LET Cycle 2)

The LETs open the door to a happier life and higher consciousness.
These powerful practices remind us of how we are meant to live.

The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) is the ultimate in-depth training in sacred sexuality and Tantra available today. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have participated since its conception. The LET will change forever your experience of sexuality, spirituality and love, giving you the opportunity to explore how your sexual energy can heal your body, open your heart and expand your spirit to states of profound unity and bliss. It is a world-class, life-transforming experience.


Love and Ecstasy Training, Cycle 2: Celebrating Love & Orgasm

Taught by Mika Smith & Sara Stout, with lead assistant Thomas Stout

Location: Four Springs Retreat Center – Middletown, CA

Dates: Friday, Oct 4, 2024 at 6:30pm to Friday, Oct 11, 2024 at 1:00pm


In LET Cycle 2, you will learn:

  • Opening the Inner Flute: Develop your awareness of the seven chakras (energy centers) in your body and energize them through visualization, sound, and breathing practices.
  •  The Chakra Wave: Open the way for love and ecstasy to flow up through your whole body, transmuting to the higher frequencies all the way up to the crown chakra and your connection with the Universe.
  •  Anatomy of Pleasure: Understand your sexual anatomy, how it functions, and your patterns of arousal. Discuss topics that are typically taboo in our society.
  •  Opening to Love: The art of opening our hearts to others through authentic and deep communication to create a climate of acceptance, trust, and love.
  •  The Multi-Orgasmic Response: The art of opening to deep intimacy, and learning how to guide your lover so you can achieve ever-expanding levels of orgasmic pleasure and abandon.
  •  The Three Keys to Sexual Ecstasy: Explore ways of channeling sexual energy from sex to heart and create a loving circle of energy with your partner.
  •  The Yin Yang Balance: Discover and harmonize the polarities within yourself and better understand the roles, energies, and conditioning we have unwittingly received as we grew up. In SkyDancing Tantra, engaging polarity allows lovers to be both more active and receptive to create a fulfilling love life.
  • Healing Rituals: Learn to create healing rituals and sacred ceremonies that you can replicate and practice at home to enhance your daily life.
  • The Art of SkyDancing: Learn to make love sacred. Experience sexual loving as an expression of the divine.


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Love and Ecstasy Training, Cycle 2: Celebrating Love & Orgasm

Prerequisite: We request that you complete the Love & Ecstasy Training Cycle 1 ~ The Body Ecstatic & Sexual Healing taught by Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers or an equivalent workshop by another recognized Tantra school. Some exceptions may apply.
You may complete LET 1 – 3 training intensively, over one year, or extend it over three years.



“Your work continues to be consistently magical. Each time I spend time in one of your workshops, I come away feeling more centered, awake and empowered. Ok, and more beautiful! Each time I also think it couldn’t get any better and then it does!”

—Vicki Reiner, Spiritual Teacher (California)

“The Love & Ecstasy Training Cycle 1 has opened every channel of my energy source more than I could have hoped for. I am tingly, happy, strong, brave, able to own my emotions within the heightened awareness of my entire body. This training exceeded what I had hoped for, connecting to the inner Goddess and God that is within each of us. I am looking forward to the next 2 cycles of training and living more ecstatically. I want the sizzle in my life — mindful blissfulness in as many moments as I can have. To quote a master, “Riding the wave of bliss during the last third of my life.” The best time of my life is yet to come!”

— Deb E (Minneapolis)