To a weekend course with LovePassionately!

This page covers all the basics of preparing for your time with us.

Masterclass Objectives:

    • Learn how sex can heal emotional and physical pain.
    • Discover the possibilities with sexual manifestation.
    • Experience sex as spirit.


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We will be offering this masterclass at another time.

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S&T Transformation


What is included:

The Transformational Power of Sex

    • Sex can be for: Procreation, Recreation, and Transformation.
    • Sex increases your happy hormones and can help you overcome negative emotions.
    • You can direct your sexual energy toward anything you want to healed, including physical pain. It's an incredibly powerful force!
    • Energy follows intention.
    • How to bring an intention into your lovemaking for manifestation.
    • Meditation: Awaken your higher spiritual sexual self.
    • Ways to support your relationship ongoing.



Tantra is a path of sensual awakening and exploration that helps us move out of ordinary states and enter states of heightened feeling and awareness. Simple, accessible practices can enhance the pleasure, sensuality, and satisfaction of your everyday experience.

Presented by Sara & Thomas Stout

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