A week of Bliss with Margot Anand

What a tremendous opportunity to drink in the wisdom from the “Voice of the Origins”, Margot Anand, founder of SkyDancing Tantra, who brought Tantra to the west.  Last week, we had the honor of sitting at her side, as assistants of the Love & Ecstasy Training (LET) Cycle 3 at Mayacamas Ranch in California.

Building upon the tools we learned in LET 1 & 2, which focused on healing and pleasure, LET 3 brought us into an expanded spiritual dimension. Feeling the healing powers of the Diamond Mind Mantra was incredible.  The week culminated in the Wave of Bliss, an amazing dance of energy and sensuality.  It was also wonderful to witness participants receive their certification of completion, several of whom travelled from frigid Minnesota. Very powerful indeed!

With the upcoming release of Margot’s book, Love, Sex and Awakening, she is resuming her teaching internationally.  During this week together, she expressed interest in coming to Minnesota in March for a workshop and book signing.  What an opportunity that will be!!  With short notice, if anyone has a venue, or is interested in helping coordinate this event, let us know.  We will keep all of you posted as the details get finalized.

As SkyDancing Tantra Teachers, we have read many of Margot’s books, studied her work for years and heard stories of her brilliance.  Experiencing her teachings in person was even more of a thrill.  As one participant summarized, “I will not experience in 5 lifetimes all of what Margot knows.”

A few quotes from Margot:

“Maybe the bliss is behind the place where there is no bliss?  Bliss is always available if you listen and be silent.”

(If you are discouraged that you are not feeling more sensations or seeing more energy),“Don’t focus on what you’re not feeling, focus on presence, now. Be curious. Look at what you are feeling.”

“One of the keys of Tantra: Can you be desireless at the height of desire?”

With ever growing respect for this body of work, we look forward to continue sharing it with you!

December 22, 2016

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