A Full Body and Spirit Penetration 

What is possible with Tantric sex? Is it hours of high states of arousal, multiple orgasms, cosmic experiences, profound loving presence or energetic Tantric touch massages? I often ponder this question when something unexpected jolts me awake to the mysteries of the human body. Which is what happened this week and was so amazing that I’m excited to share some juicy and quite personal details.

How does one define the limits of something that is limitless? My attempt might minimize it as crudely as thinking the earth is flat. Just as my error may be in expecting the familiar, rather than the unexpected. What if I trusted the expansiveness of being? Even routine positions can result in new and exciting outcomes. The possibilities are endless and are fun to explore. 

One of the main Tantric practices includes opening the inner channel, the energy pathway from your sex center to the crown of your head, where you connect with spirit. This is the art of moving the creative, life force energy through your core, in front of your spine, via, what Margot Anand calls, “the inner-flute.” It’s a powerful experience that takes individual practice to clear the blocks and enliven the whole core of your being. The more you nurture this vitality, the more ecstasy you can feel, and the more present and engaged you become in all areas of your life. When you are connected to a greater energy system there are no limits.

At my first weekend workshop, Timeless Loving: An Introduction to SkyDancing Tantra, I learned to move my energy using “sexual breathing,” Initially, I felt awkward, stuck in my head with concerns about doing it right. How hard should I breathe? Do I force it or allow it to happen? And still in spite of all that noise in my head, I was thrilled with new pleasurable sensations throughout my body. Why hadn’t anyone told me that our bodies are capable of this? Why isn’t it known as a mainstream practice? Sign me up for more!  

I made a conscious choice to develop a regular practice as often as I could, even while driving the car. And what a delicious practice it was, like eating a brownie sundae everyday and not gaining any weight. Yum yum! The pleasure is as great, and yet as different, as anything I’ve ever felt. It’s as if my clitoris extends up through my whole body and touch isn’t even necessary. Opening this inner channel has taken me to heights that I had never imagined and a new one occurred just this week.

Before I tell you about that experience, let me give you some background about my husband, Thomas’, practices. For him, consciously moving his energy or even feeling his body sensations has been challenging. So his primary focus has been turning his attention towards subtle micro movements and physical sensations. Instead of expecting a mind blowing, vibrating, energy light show, he tunes into any small sensations that are present. His level of sensitivity, sustainability and fulfillment has grown (pun intended and that’s a blog for another time). 

The other night, as we were in a sensual Tantric lovemaking session, I felt my body pulsating with pleasure, opening more and more through my inner flute. Our bodies moved in sacred union. Then, in an instant, when he shifted his attention to the tip of his vajra, (Sanskrit for penis), I felt a powerful surge enter and rise up through my whole core. A cylinder of presence and love, filling me from his pelvis, all the way up my entire body. 

I felt his Vajra extend well beyond the limits of his physical body, that he filled my whole inner flute, my whole being. It was so much more than his genitals touching my genitals. My mind wanted to make sense of this. And yet the more we let go and trusted our body’s natural abilities, the more everything opened up. We continued to move together for some time, creating an ecstatic state that felt timeless. 

by Sara

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