Is it another night of TV, dinner with superficial conversations, or routine sex, if you have sex at all? 

As a couple, have you fallen into comfortable patterns of relating out of habit? Last time it worked, so let’s do it again, and again. Or do you want to enhance your relationship and not even know how to challenge the status quo? Without variety to balance security, any relationship can become stale, and lovers become bored. 

If you freely discuss your ever-evolving desires, super! However, many people hesitate to suggest that they want something different for fear that it may sound critical. That their partner may hear it as, “What’s wrong with what we’re doing?” Did you know you can discover ways to add spice to your relationship?

3 Tips to add variety

  1. Encourage a culture of growth in your relationship. Just as you take courses to advance your career, view your relationship as an ongoing project that is evolving and transforming. Aspire to be your best self and trust that it’s worth overcoming any discomfort. Enjoy the adventure.
  2. Be inspired. Making suggestions for change is tricky. Find an article, a recommendation from a friend or an online resource, class, or podcast to break the silence and with curiosity, start some conversations. “Hey, hun, what do you think of . . .?”
  3.  Adventure in one area spreads to another. When you enjoy a new experience together, use this opportunity to build a positive connection with acknowledgment. And then, offer this as an example of how it would be fun to add newness to the way you touch, kiss, or go shopping for sexy clothes together. “That was so much fun to find that new restaurant. I didn’t know you liked _____ so much, and I wonder what else I don’t know about what you like??? Let’s go to the chocolate shop for some samples and then we could sample different ways of kissing.”

Tantra enhances relationships emotionally, physically, spiritually, and sexually. It offers a new framework of relating that transforms relationships from the mundane to the sacred. 

Learn the fundamentals of SkyDancing Tantra in a powerful weekend retreat. Whether you’re in a new relationship, in a well-established partnership, or attending as a solo, Timeless Loving: An Introduction to SkyDancing Tantra is for people ready to take a step towards more aliveness, love, and consciousness in their intimate relating and daily lives.

From a Timeless Loving seminar, you’ll take home with you new ways to access your source of ecstatic energy and share it consciously in your intimate relationships and everyday life. Let us introduce you to the magic of Tantra!


  1. Revere Alan

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