It is with great difficulty that Thomas and I ask people for help. As the middle child, of 5 children in 5 years, born to young struggling parents, it shaped me to be more comfortable in service and sensitive to not wanting to burden others. Thomas, also, was a caretaker for his disabled parents. 

When we ask for help, we are astounded at the response. We feel completely humbled by the generosity of our community lately. This past weekend, when several volunteers helped us with a photoshoot for our new website, they demonstrated heartwarming commitment How they scrambled around in confined spaces, holding poses until their namastes cramped. Not sure if they were eye gazing or eye glazing-over as they tried to look serene and blissful. 

Upon completion, after hours of being more detail focused and directive than we care to be, Thomas and I fell on the massage mat in exhaustion. We awoke an hour later in awe of the endurance that everyone demonstrated. How patient and flexible they remained. The photos taken by Alyssa look fabulous! We are so happy and grateful!

We also appreciate those who have helped with other photographs, the logo, connecting us to teaching opportunities, business advice, technical support, and spreading the word about Love Passionately events. 

For those of you who had to stretch out your comfort zone to even get in the door, Thank you for your bravery! I too have a few stretch marks from when I began. And those whom it was easy for you to step into a community of people on a spiritual path of growth, we are so grateful for your presence and interactions with others. Each of you has made a difference in forming this community in which people feel safe enough to try new, radical things, and by liberating your passionately dynamic selves.

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for your service and enthusiastic support of us and this important work. 

Less visible, and no less important, is all the encouragement and appreciation for SkyDancing Tantra® teachings. It keeps us going as we hear your responses about exercises that provided opportunities for transformation, each individual gaining something personal and powerful. Also, seeing tears of joy, meaningful connections, and hearing your stories about the difference Tantra has made in your lives. 

If we can be of service, spreading love and connection, what a blessed life we have been given. 

We toil, we worry, we fret, we feel thrilled, we feel exhausted, we feel excited, we feel empty and full, we feel hopeful and discouraged, and we get up and design our next event – because we know this work is essential. The world needs it and we need to fulfill our calling. The ups and downs, the challenges, the celebrations, are all Tantra.

We have our moments when we realize it would be easier for us to sit back on easy chairs and eat paleo bonbons. But SkyDancing Tantra and spiritual development have a hold of us. Our service is to create opportunities for others to experience Tantra, to stay up late designing workshops and writing blogs. So we can sleep soundly knowing that we are following our bliss. Or not sleep until after a little Tantric bliss of our own. 

Acts of service feed the soul. 
When we give, we get back a sense of fulfillment multiplied. 

Is service a requirement of enlightenment? Maybe you have noticed that the more you are in touch with yourself as a radiant being, the more you want, and have, to give to others. Through Tantric practices, as you free yourself from the entangled cultural chaos, you are more available to share your energy. 

By sharing your energy consciously and without attachment, the giver also receives pleasure. It’s a beautiful exchange that leaves no doubt that your receiver loves what you are offering.

Service is inseparable from love.

In hugging gratitude, we acknowledge our teachers and mentors, Margot Anand for courageously transmitting SkyDancing Tantra, Logan & his staff from Ecstatic Living Institute®, our fellow SkyDancing Teachers, family, and the many friends who have supported us along the way.

Thomas and I are growing more comfortable asking for help. Your kindness touches us deeply, as together we serve the greater good.

It is our commitment to make Love Passionately events accessible for all. If you or someone you know wants to attend an event and needs financial assistance or can work as an energy exchange, let us know.

In loving service,

Sara & Thomas 

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