Do you feel grateful for your true gift? 

Many of us think of the gifts that we have been given from other people, or the gifts we have been blessed with, such as health, growing up with privilege, people in our lives, or opportunities. Instead, consider what gift you possess that you share with the world that makes it a better place?

Pavarotti, the famous tenor and opera singer, knew that his voice was a gift from God. He happily shared it with the world and felt it was an honor for him to be a vessel through which spirit sang. 

How do you serve as a conduit for the greater source moving through you?

It may not be as obvious as Pavarotti, or as clear as the brilliance of Stephen Hawking, the physicist, yet, all of our gifts are precious. Is yours making people laugh, being a catalyst for change, supporting people to shine, thriving as an under-recognized parent, or offering moments of kindness? 

 We feel enormous gratitude for the gift of Tantra. 

What a gift it is to teach people the art of loving. Our hearts fill up seeing moments of deep connection.

We don’t ask that others come to us, but that they seek what we have to offer. So many amazing people, like YOU, have become part of our community, those wanting to bring Tantra into their lives, who desire heart-centered interactions, and are ready for deeper intimacy, have received the gifts we offer. Our spiritual fulfillment is serving the greater good. 

So many opportunities have presented themselves for us when we are in alignment with our calling of Tantra! Generous friends open their homes when we travel, talented professionals offer their services to help market or spread the word about LovePassionately, and when Tantra training courses present themselves, the expenses seem to evaporate as they are effortlessly covered. 

We are so grateful and feel very blessed! 

Love you,
Sara & Thomas

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