Being a Generous Lover

Do you want to satisfy your lover/s more or bring more mutuality to your relationship/s?

Do you wish to be generous but find yourself over giving, feeling invisible or unappreciated?

Do you hold back your pleasure or find it hard to let go?


Generosity is often associated with being selfless, or putting someone else’s needs before your own. The ability to be present and attentive is definitely part of being a generous lover. However, it is easy to lose track of your own desires if your focus is mostly on trying to manage or predict someone else’s.

The act of giving can be as pleasurable as receiving.

Figuring out what feels good to you and being able to ask for it allows you to be generous with yourself. Opening up and allowing yourself to receive pleasure from a partner can also be an act of generosity as you deepen trust and intimacy. Join us as we share practices to cultivate communication and more fulfilling connection.

November 16, 2019 7-9pm
$25 in advance, $35 after 5pm

Register & Pay

Ivy Building
2637 27th Ave So, Suite 231
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Presented by Diane, Sara & Thomas

Please register and pay now in order to reserve your place. An RSVP does not secure your space or early bird discount.

This is a 1-2 Chili Pepper experience and has no nudity. You are asked to wear comfortable clothes and can participate as much or as little feels comfortable. Come alone or bring a friend. Open to all genders and orientations ages 18 and up. We encourage you to open your heart and see all other participants as the divine beings they truly are. We do not attempt to gender-balance and there will be opportunities to work with people of all genders.

We look forward to being with you,
Diane, Sara & Thomas


Notes on accessibility: Workshops are designed to be relevant and accessible to all sexual orientations, including folks who are on the asexual spectrum. There are gender neutral restrooms available. We ask that you refrain from wearing scented products to respect those with chemical sensitivities. There is an elevator to the second floor with a long hall leading to Suite 231. Please contact us in advance at 763-577-0456 if you have any other questions or specific needs related to accessibility.

This workshop is promoted in multiple places and attendance shown on Meetup does not reflect total attendance.

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