We vowed never to start the New Year that way ever again. 

What does the New Year mean to you?
A fresh start? 
Reviewing the previous year? 
Putting the past to rest? 
Who cares, let’s get crazy and have a f*kin’ good time? 

Does the start of the year provide an opportunity to begin in a manner from which you wish to continue throughout the year? To set a pad from which to launch? A healthy beginning, a fancy dinner, a concert, a wild party, or a few parties. Or maybe you prefer hanging with friends, the tradition of watching the Times Square ball drop or staying out of the way of others celebrating. 

For us, New Year’s celebration is special. We want to acknowledge the past year and honor the emergence of the new year. Our search for ways to do this has taken us on some interesting adventures. 

A few years ago, having begun practicing SkyDancing Tantra and participated in a beautiful fall equinox gathering, we decided to try a new social sexy outing. After the vetting process, I dressed in my form-fitting black, short dress, tall heels and Thomas in his charcoal-gray dress shirt and pants, we excitedly headed out for a mysterious experience. 

The minute we arrived, we were escorted through the garage with car parts on the shelves and folding chairs lining the walls. A few people sat conversing wearing their jackets while watching a woman getting wrapped in pink cellophane. The kitchen was crowded and aflutter with what I think was food preparation, although, not appetizing

The atmosphere was quite dingy, unappealing, and dark. As I sat down, I wished I’d had a longer skirt, not sure I wanted my skin to touch the upholstery. My turn on turned off.

Thomas wanted to leave right away. But I hoped it might get better. My optimistic view left me waiting for the good part or wondering if my discomfort was my growing edge. We turned towards the people rather than the things around us and stayed long enough to converse with a few interesting people. Our minds were engaged but our bodies did not relax in connection. Instead of expansion, we felt contraction. As 11:00 pm passed, we knew this was not the environment that would support how we wished to begin the new year. 

We followed our pleasure out the door. 

Once home, we immediately showered to rinse off the grimy feeling. We wanted to start fresh and clean. 

Emerging from the shower, our friends’ Facebook post caught our attention. They were in Bali for New Year’s, wearing bright, celebratory clothes, lighting candles and being held in sacred community. I cried. This is how I really wanted to start the new year. 

Our New Year’s resolve was to start each year, in a Tantric fashion. Since we were not going to Bali, we decided to host our own Tantric New Year’s celebration. We offered to our community a time of honoring, celebratory dance, conscious conversations, cuddling, and stepping into the new year with song and intention. It was wonderful to soften and rejoice as we opened to our true nature. Being held in a soul connection. Coming home 

There are many ways to welcome in the new year. We are thrilled that we followed our inner desires. Followed our pleasure. There is more to life, we are made for something more meaningful and long for a connection, either inward or with others. Do we follow that calling or hold back? 

Even if there is no community to share your new year, honor yourself. Light a candle, celebrate how you showed up for yourself last year, wrapping your arms around yourself. Then dance with pleasure into the new year, calling forth your intention.

It was perfect that we tried that not so sexy, “sexy party.” It propelled us with conviction on our true path. 

Each moment can roll into the next, holding no importance or great importance that we bestow on it. New Year’s is a great time to celebrate and rejoice in the richness of each moment. 

Celebrate the sacredness of each moment as if it’s the last, the first, and holds everything we need. 

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