Chili Peppers

In all of our events and activities, you have space to participate at a level that works for you in the moment. In some exercises, you may choose to work with a partner.  If you prefer, you may also do any activity by yourself.

1 Chili Pepper is a social event where you may shake someone’s hand, look into their eyes, or give a brief hug.


2 Chili Peppers is an event in which we typically slow down, synchronize our breathing, engage in conscious touch, eye gaze for longer periods and give others a melting hug or cuddle. There is no nudity and touch is limited to non-sexual areas.


3 Chili Peppers we slow down, become even more connected to our breath and our bodies.  Some exercises may include the option to be as clothed or as unclothed as you want.  Touch is typically not a part of these exercises.